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Parasites such as fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and heartworms are not only pests when it comes to your pets, they can carry illnesses and even be deadly. While in some areas and climates fleas, ticks, and heartworms are less prevalent, the Savannah area's climate is the perfect breeding ground for such organisms to thrive - and with the very mild winter and extremely hot summer, this pest season is at an all time high. We recommend monthly prevention as the best way to keep parasites from infecting your beloved pets and causing serious issues not only with their health and yours.

The danger with most parasites is that it is difficult to tell if your pet has them. Even fleas can hide under fur, while heartworms infect your pet's lungs and heart. Once symptoms are apparent it usually means the parasite has already caused an extensive toll on your pet, making treatment and recovery all the more difficult. For example, once you actually see only a single flea on your pet, it is typically a sign that the infestation is far worse than just on your furry family member - several generations have most likely already made themselves at home and your home and yard can be harboring flea eggs that are just waiting for the right conditions to be hatched. Prevention is much cheaper that having to undergo treatment for heartworms and intestinal parasites or get an out of control flea population removed from your home!

At our clinic we carry several options to help you safely and easily keep your pet free of harmful parasites, and can recommend the testing required to detect certain infestations. Don't wait until your pet is infested to provide your pet with necessary protection.

Call us today to set up an exam and discuss recommendations and prevention options!